"A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for."

Your body was designed to move.

2 WEEK TRIAL | $67

Gymnastics Strength Training

                                                                           with Falsegrip means you will join one of the exclusive GymnasticBodies Affiliate training centres. Utilising

the system Developed specifically for adults by former US National Team Coach, Christopher Sommer, you

will develop strength & mobility through-

out your core, shoulders, legs, joints &

connective tissue. With GST, anyone

from beginner to experienced athlete

can continuously develop their strength,

mobility, endurance, explosive power,

agility and flexibility.

Step out of your comfort zone and experience the training methods gymnasts use to develop their incredible strength, mobility & amazing physiques.

Suits anyone with a desire to respect their bodies & move a whole lot better."

good vibes, dedicated instructors & committed students.

" This state of the art space is filled with excellent equipment,

If the best in the world are stretching their ass off in order to get strong, why aren't you?" - Coach Sommer.

                                                         podcast 'The Secrets of Gymnastics Strength Training' with

GymnasticBodies founder & former

US National Gymnastics Team Coach,

Christopher Sommer.

If you'd like to find out a little more about Gymnastics Strength Training, we highly recommend you check out 

'The Tim Ferriss Show'

We're located in Brookvale on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches,

right next door to Westfield Warringah Mall.


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